What to Expect

Our goal is comprehensive lymphedema treatment from evaluation to self -management. Treatment will focus on reducing swelling, training and educating patients on how to manage their condition. The management of lymphedema is a comprehensive program that may include all or some of the following:

Complete Decongestive Therapy – This is a total approach to combine therapies with lifestyle changes by a certified therapist to reduce swelling, train patient in all aspects of management with the goal of successful home management.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) – In our private treatment rooms, therapist will treat using specialized lymphatic massage used to stimulate the weakened immune system. This specialized technique moves lymph fluid for reabsorption in order to decrease lymphatic congestion.

Compression Bandaging – Bandaging is the “gold standard” of treatment. Patients and caregivers will be educated and trained on their individualized bandage system. The system consists of short-stretch compression bandages which utilize a very low resting pressure on tissue and vascular system. This bandaging system is based on the number of layers used versus bandage tension which decreases lymphatic swelling.

Exercise – An individualized light home exercise program will be created for the affected limb(s) to encourage lymph fluid drainage. This program will be practiced under supervision to assure correct technique, posture and muscle contraction.

Vasopneumatic Pumping – When indicated and with physician approval, pneumatic pump sleeves may be utilized to remove fluid, improve skin texture and decrease lymph leakage. If after trial in our clinic we find pneumatic pumping is beneficial, we will work closely with equipment specialists for home pump delivery.

Compression Garments – Stocking or Velcro garments specifically designed for wearing once maximum reduction has been achieved. Selection and fitting of garments are done by therapists who are certified garment specialists. Our Rehab Coordinator works directly with garment suppliers to assure complete satisfaction.